Mermaid statue outside our hotel in Monterosso Al Mare, Italy

…or lacto-ovo vegetarianism. I prefer to say, “I don’t eat meat” because it’s just less confusing.

Why? Well, while driving on vacation last September we passed a truck full of chickens crammed into small cages, not protected from the elements and unable to move. Feathers were flying everywhere. I had entertained the idea of not eating meat for a few years mostly due to the movie Food, Inc., but was really just too lazy to try because I thought it would be more of an effort to have to explain over and over again why, and I really didn’t know how to maintain a meat-free diet.  I admit to giving other people who chose to stop eating meat a hard time in the past, and if you are one of those reading this, my apologies.

I didn’t quit eating meat on that vacation, in fact I ate a bunch of chicken on that vacation but always with the picture of those chickens in my head.  After finishing the meal, I realized I didn’t feel good about what I just ate.  Shortly after we came home, I saw another truck full of chickens while driving to work one day. And then another day I saw an empty chicken truck. Everything happens in threes, right?

Still, I didn’t give up meat all at once.  I felt guilty at times going to other houses and expecting a non-meat dish.  I can’t remember when, but we had been invited over to our friends’ house for dinner, and I had emailed the hostess and told her I don’t eat meat anymore and would be willing to provide an entree for myself if it was easier.  I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that my diet change was openly accepted because we have awesome friends.  Over time it’s become easier to tell everyone.  It’s been easier to come up with meat-free meals that my husband will tolerate and with which I can entertain a group of friends.

So I no longer eat meat, but I do eat cheese and eggs.  Fish and chickpeas/hummus are my main protein sources.  I was drinking soy milk every morning for protein and eating a soy burger for dinner occasionally.  I either overdid the soy, or I am allergic to soy.  I’ve decided to eat/drink soy in very small quantities and not too many days in a row, and my body seems to be tolerating it.  I’m open to suggestions for non-soy sources of protein if anyone has any.

Bacon was the hardest to give up.

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