Saying NO to high heels!

My new flats


For the last 5-6 years, without fail, I’ve bought at least one pair of high heels every 6-12 months.  Why?  Because I had all these weddings and interviews to do and I could never find one pair of heels that looked good with every skirt, long dress and pair of pants that I owned.  Sometimes I felt I had to buy a new dress and a new pair of heels.  But did I?  I realized I had all these heels and nothing to wear them with, or so I thought.  Not only that, but none of them were comfortable enough to wear for an hour or two before regretting the decision to not only wear them but to buy them.

So all* the heels went to Goodwill.  I bought a pair of black flats and haven’t looked back!  I like to think that I inspired Emma Thompson to take off her heels and throw them at the Golden Globes.

*I still have 2-3 pairs of ballroom dancing shoes that I haven’t gotten rid of yet, but plan to once I find a pair of cuban heel (1.5 inch or less high) shoes that are comfortable.


(originally posted on on 9/5/14)

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