Stephanie’s Sustainable Tip #12

Find a good tailor.

I used to take the view that if a piece of clothing ripped, I would get rid of it and buy another piece to replace it.  Now, I try and save it if I can.  I don’t have sewing skills like my mother and grandmother, so if it’s too complicated I take it to a tailor.

When I took out my peacoat out this year, I realized there was a huge hole in one of the armpits.  No one would have been able to tell from the outside, but I didn’t want to leave it so long that it would get any bigger.  It cost me $30 for the tailor to fix it, but that’s better than buying a whole new coat.

Cost: Hard to calculate the cost of having a good tailor.  I would get recommendations in your area before spending money trying out different businesses.  Also, look for discounts.  My tailor gives a small discount if you pay in cash.


Here’s the after picture because, of course, I forgot to take a before picture.




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