Stephanie’s Sustainable Tip #11

Say no to straws.


Very few people actually need a straw to drink.  Children use straws and sippy cups so they don’t spill their beverage.  But us adults, we don’t need them most of the time.  I can’t tell the difference in taste if I drink water/juice/iced tea/lemonade/soda out of a straw versus directly out the glass.  I do, however, like to drink milkshakes and smoothies (and the occasional iced coffee) with a straw.

I used to think that using straws at restaurants would keep my mouth from touching a glass someone else drank out of until someone pointed out to me that we still use the same metal utensils that someone else put in their mouth.  Duh, Stephanie.

I started ordering my drinks with no straw.  Most straws are plastic and can not be recycled.  So after use, they end up in the landfill….millions of them every year.

I ordered a set of metal reusable straws from Life Without Plastic that I use at home.  The set comes with a cleaning brush too.

I still have plastic straws at home because I can’t bring myself to throw them away unused.

IMG_20160103_135414575Cost: To say no to straws at restaurants costs nothing except maybe some initial embarrassment, confusion and weird looks.  I spent $11.95 plus tax and shipping on my set of four stainless steels straws with cleaning brush.






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