Stephanie’s Sustainable Tip #10

Make your own toothpaste.

I hesitated for a while before making my own.  I read so many recipes and settled on the one from Trash Is For Tossers.

I was nervous about whether or not my dentist would be able to tell that I wasn’t using a toothpaste that was ADA approved and that wasn’t recommended by 9 out of 10 dentists.  I was also nervous I was going to have cavities.

Besides being reminded again to floss more, my new dentist did not ask what brand of toothpaste I was using, and I had no cavities!  I also said no to the goody bag, which usually includes a travel toothpaste, travel floss and at least an appointment reminder card for next visit.

So why the switch?  Those plastic toothpaste tubes are not recyclable.  That’s it.

Cost: In theory: cents.  In actuality: I already had a $10 jar of coconut oil.  I already had baking soda which I buy so infrequently I don’t even know the price of a small box…$2-3?  But I went and bought a very small bottle of peppermint essential oil which was more than $15.  I didn’t buy a container.  I cleaned out a small glass jar that used to hold hand lotion.  It’s a 3-4 ounce jar so it will fit in a 1 quart bag if I chose to fly with it.


I think after my current jar is finished, I might try just water and baking soda.  Why?  Because in Mecklenburg County, we are not supposed to put any oils or grease down the drain.  See here.  Coconut oil is….oil.  Here’s where I get gross and vulnerable: I spit in the bathroom garbage.  I’ve read some people just swallow it, but I don’t want to swallow any extra bacteria from my mouth that I’m trying to get rid of by brushing my teeth.

I might also try making a clay-based toothpaste like this one.


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