Stephanie’s Sustainable Tip #8

Don’t bag your leaves.

We gave up bagging leaves 4-5 years ago, back when we lived in our previous house with more than 10 very large trees to clean up after every fall.  Now, I prefer to rake my leaves into the natural areas and beds around our house.  I also add some to our compost pile.  You could also just mulch them with your lawnmower and leave them on your lawn.  Here’s a recent piece you should read.

Cost: Less time and money than it costs you now.  No extra trips to the store to buy bags.  No more time dragging the bags from the back to the front of the house.  No more spending your money on compost and mulch that you can get for free from the surrounding trees.



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3 thoughts on “Stephanie’s Sustainable Tip #8

  1. Nadine says:

    Great post! Hopefully this will soon become common sense for people. I was tickled when my local radio station actually discussed this, and encouraged people to use this as mulch. Leaves contain so many nutrients, and it is such a simple, efficient way to get rid of your leaves without plastic bagging, adding nutrients to your garden or lawn, keeping weeds down, and using leaves for what they are meant to do 🙂


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