Stephanie’s Sustainable Tip #5


It used to be that I loved getting snail mail.  I would keep a stack of catalogs on the coffee table and peruse whenever I wanted and dog-ear pages.  I dreamed of having a house and decorating it.  Or sometimes I would just rip out pages of ideas for color combinations for my crochet projects.

Now, I dislike opening my mailbox stuffed with junk mail and catalogs.

Sometimes, I’ll unsubscribe that day.  Other times, I pile up catalogs and junk mail and set aside a time to unsubscribe all at once.  Most can be unsubscribed through websites, email and contacting the company by phone.  Most will tell you that it may take 90 days to stop completely.  I keep a list on my computer with the name of the junk mail/catalog to keep track of when I canceled and when the mailing should stop.  Hopefully in a few months I can delete that file.

I also frequently unsubscribe to junk emails.  These are a bit quicker because the unsubscribe link is usually at the bottom.

Cost: Mostly time and effort and sometimes stamps.  I probably spend less than 5 minutes a week on this.  It should take less time as less things arrive in the mail.  Below are 2 mailings for which you have to send a written request to get your address off the mailing list.  I reused paper scraps for my handwritten requests.




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3 thoughts on “Stephanie’s Sustainable Tip #5

  1. Brian says:

    With junk mail through the post I just highlight the return address and write on it “Return to sender, do not send any more.” and send it without a stamp. With e-mailed junk you have to be careful it’s from a legitimate source, otherwise I think you risk confirming your address is active and open yourself up receiving to further junk.


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