Plastic Purge: Operation Kitchen

We are still trying to find a place for everything here at our new house.  I’ve already donated many items of decor and clothing, we’ve sold some furniture and I’m still finding more things to purge.  The kitchen seems to be the hardest because we each think certain items are more useful/important than the other, and I think James is only somewhat tolerating the current set up.

Two months ago I decided that we didn’t need all of our Tupperware-like containers anymore, especially since they took up at least one whole cabinet.  So I placed all of our plastic kitchen storage containers (I kept the glass containers in the kitchen) and put them in a box in another room where they weren’t as frequently seen.  I set a date of 60 days to run this experiment which ended Tuesday.  We could only take a container from the box if there were no other available containers to do the same job.  Once the container was used and washed, it got put back into the kitchen for regular use.  The glass containers and some bigger containers that were actively being used at the time are not pictured.


I actually thought we’d end up with more unused containers, but we ended up using about 75% of them.  Here are the containers that did not get used in the last 60 days.


And since it’s almost the end of September, and I made a goal to do this every month, here is my clothing purge of the month.


It was harder this month to choose because we are starting to be in that in-between weather pattern where it is chilly in the morning but warm in the afternoon so both cool- and warm-weather clothes are being worn.  I chose this light sweater because I decided I’m not crazy about the pattern, and I can’t remember wearing it last year.



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