“Come On-A My House”

I love eating out and trying different restaurants in Charlotte.

Last night, James and I double dated at Dish in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood.  Dish had plenty of vegetarian/pescatarian options for me and plenty of meat options for James.   I enjoyed the veggie loaf and James enjoyed the meat loaf.  We will definitely be returning as there are so many meals on the menu that sound delicious.  The restaurant is clean, family-friendly and the food is priced well.


Unfortunately, there are restaurants in Charlotte that don’t offer enough vegetarian/pescatarian options.  I understand that is an unfair statement especially if your business is based around BBQ or burgers.  And it’s not like there aren’t plenty of other restaurants to eat at in Charlotte.  However, if you are trying to please one half of a couple who doesn’t eat meat and one half that does, having only a veggie burger or a “pick 3 sides” as your vegetarian option isn’t going to cut it for me.  And I don’t drag James to the vegan/vegetarian-only restaurants, though I’ve tried.

Unless we are going to one of our regular restaurants, where we know what we are going to order before we even get there, deciding on where to go to eat will involve both of us looking at the menu online to see if there are at least a few things that sound good to both of us and hoping that the menu is up to date so there are no surprises when we actually get there.

In the grand scheme of things, trying to agree on where to eat is not a big deal and usually ends up being enjoyable, but eating out frequently can quickly deplete our “dining out” budget.  I think this is why I recently went on a kick of trying new recipes.  Making a grocery list and going grocery shopping is probably the thing we look forward to the least every week.  However, sometimes it is slightly more enjoyable when we are looking forward to the meals we are going to eat.  Making meals at home is more affordable than always eating out.

I’ve created a Recipe Shares page on my blog to share with you the recipes I’ve found, tried and plan to make again.  When we are making a grocery list, this page is always open and scanned for meal possibilities for the week.  Yes, we plan our meals and post them on the refrigerator.  By forcing ourselves to plan we save time and energy by eliminating daily hemming and hawing over what to eat for dinner.  I found that when I exert the extra effort of evaluating the ingredients in a new recipe before trying it, we can decrease the amount of trash we produce as well.

I found that one downside in learning to cook/bake new things is that once I master it (spring rolls), I no longer want to buy it at a restaurant which tends to further limit my options on the menu.  On the other hand, some things are so time consuming and/or complicated (sushi*) that I am more willing to pay for someone else to make it for me.  Though I did try a new recipe this week that is easy but time consuming that I will definitely make again: Caramelized Onion and Thyme Risotto.  Follow the link in the ingredient list for the recipe for the caramelized onions.

Save some money and trash and learn to cook some good meals at home, so you can sing “Come On-A My House” a la Ms. Miller in The Chipmunk Adventure.


New Recipe Shares:

Coconut Sugar Caramelized Plantains

Low-Fat Zucchini Brownie

Caramelized Onion and Thyme Risotto

Quinoa Spring Rolls with Creamy Peanut Dipping Sauce

Skillet Pizza

Homemade Brown Sugar


*My birthday present this year was a Whole Foods class on how to make sushi, spring rolls and edamame salad.


What I am reading: Life, Animated by Ron Suskind

Movie Recommendations: Nowhere Boy (Rated R) and The One I Love (Rated R)


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