Stephanie’s Sustainable Tip #4

Buy used clothing

For the past year or more, I’ve been shopping at local consignment and resale shops for most of my clothing.  I admit that it took some getting used to – wearing other people’s old clothes.  However, I have found some items with the tags still on and some cotton t-shirts with no pilling.  No pilling on a cotton shirt, for me, means it’s barely been worn…or am I the only one to experience pilling on a shirt after wearing it a few times?  Now that I see the value in buying used clothing, I have no issue with wearing other people’s old clothes.

Shopping these stores takes some time but is much easier on your wallet.  I usually at least glance at every piece of clothing my size in the store and try on at least 20 items and maybe walk out with 3-5 pieces.  It has taken me over a year to find one pair of jeans that actually fit (a brand of jeans that can sell for up to $140 new, I bought for $20 used).  Good thing too, because my old pair (yes, before yesterday, I only had one pair of jeans) may not make it through the winter.

John Oliver did a segment on Last Week Tonight regarding the fashion industry which I believe just gives us a small taste of the issues with imported clothing.  I’m looking forward to watching The True Cost which seems to be more in depth, and from the trailer, horrific.

I’m not buying 100% of my clothes used.  I buy underwear, socks, clothes for work, bathing suits and workout clothes new.

I like to think I’m doing at least a little good.  When I’m done with my clothes, I evaluate the quality, then do one of three things: resell, donate or recycle.  Don’t donate clothes that you wouldn’t buy yourself.  So any piece that has a stain, is ripped or is pilling gets recycled.  Some H&M stores have a recycling box next to their check out counter and in July, Levi’s announced that they will offer clothing recycling as well.

Cost: Varies, but my pieces have cost $4-$25 each.

Out with the old:



In with the new:



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3 thoughts on “Stephanie’s Sustainable Tip #4

  1. shamelesshousewife says:

    As my mom always says “once you wash it, it is used”. I too buy socks and undies and bras new but basically all other pieces I get used. My local thrift store offers 50 cent days which is pretty fantastic! Great shopping! Thanks for the awesome post!


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