Minimalizing My Wardrobe: Update

Remember when I started minimalizing my wardrobe?  Well, I’m finally doing an update. 

Not every experiment that I try succeeds.  This one partially succeeded but not quite in the way I was expecting.

I was expecting that after so many months I would take the clothes off the hangers that I still hadn’t turned around and donate them.  What you see in the previous post was only part of my closet.  I had another small rod that held long dresses and skirts.

Instead of donating everything at the end, I ended up taking items down a few at a time because continually looking at the turned around hangers was bothering me because it kept reminding me how many clothes I wasn’t wearing.  Plus, I knew I wasn’t going to wear some of those clothes anyway so why keep them any longer?  Anytime I took something off a hanger to sell or donate, I would either replace it with a new piece of clothing (one in, one out) or replace it with a tank top or t-shirt from one of my dresser drawers.  This freed up some room in my dresser drawers but made my closet still look full.

Many minimalists will tell you not to use those thin felt hangers like I do because they take up less room in your closet allowing you to jam more clothes in there.  They suggest using wooden hangers that take up more room and are better for the shoulders of your shirts.  I’m sticking to the thin hangers for now because I don’t feel like buying new hangers.

When it was time for us to pack up and move, I still had 5-10 hangers that were turned around.  I just packed them and brought them with us.  Our closet in the new house is set up differently than the old one.  We had reorganized the previous one to work better for us and may do that eventually to our new closet.  For now, there is only one rod that we both share.  What you see in the new picture is a combination of the old clothes and some longer items that used to be on the side of my old closet.  I had so many items that I had to use some plastic hangers as well as the thin felt hangers.  Now I only use felt hangers.

So I don’t know the exact number of items I was able to weed out, but I don’t have to use any more plastic hangers and there are 2 felt hangers not in use currently.  Remember that the picture includes items like tank tops and t-shirts that I had already owned but were originally in my dresser.  It does not include my shorts and pants which are hanging to the left of these.


Here is my new plan:

  1. Continue using the one in, one out system
  2. Get rid of at least one item that I don’t frequently wear every month for the next year.

This is August’s donation.  I bought it because it was on sale during my obsession with Anthropologie.  I didn’t mind that it was missing the top most button.  I’ve only worn it once, and now it is too small.


Minimalizing my wardrobe: Experiment #2 begins.

What I’m reading: Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman (I didn’t know the show was based on a memoir until I started searching for a new book to read.)


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