Let’s Sell This House!

We’ve been talking about selling our house and buying a house closer to uptown Charlotte for the past year.  

Flower beds, Portland, Oregon 2014

Flower beds, Portland, Oregon 2014

Up until last Wednesday, if you asked us when we were thinking about selling our house we would have said, “We’re not really sure, but we hope sometime this spring or summer.”  Or something along those lines….up until last Wednesday.

What happened last Wednesday?

Last Wednesday, we met with a real estate agent who highly suggested that we put our house on the market as soon as possible.  What!?  I think James bought into it a little faster than I did, but I am now fully invested in moving this forward.  This now makes us first time home sellers and second time house buyers!

Holes patched in kitchen wall

Holes patched in kitchen wall

I met with the real estate agent again yesterday to go through my continuously growing list of questions on how to get our house ready to sell.  Between the two meetings with the agent, we have already taken down the decorations in the kitchen and spackled the holes, taken down all the personal pictures in the house and cleared many of the books off the built-ins in the den.

This week’s goals: paint the kitchen, get an estimate on fixing the gutters and painting the soffits, paint the patched holes in the side entrance way and master bedroom and continue minimizing our possessions to eliminate how much we need to store and/or move.

I’m very glad I started practicing minimalism a year ago because I have many less items to sort through.  Even James caught the fever for about 15 minutes when he cleared his books off the built-ins and decided to get rid of most of them.  I made him go through all his textbooks in the attic as well.  I went on Better World Books and searched each book’s ISBN to see what they would

buy back.  After you determine which books you can sell back, they email you a pre-paid shipping

Not all paint holds up well in the garage throughout multiple temperature changes over the years.

Not all paint holds up well in the garage throughout multiple temperature changes over the years.

label and give you a week to drop off the package of books at FedEx.  I reused an old box, thereby eliminating the need to buy new packing material.  Any textbook that we couldn’t sell back went into the Better World Books donation bin at the Cotswold Village Shops. Non-textbooks got donated to a local assisted living facility or Julia’s Cafe and Books.

Tonight, I packed up 8 bags of donation items for AMVETS to pick up tomorrow (or at least that’s the plan since we are supposed to have anywhere from 4-10 inches of snow fall overnight).

As much as I have learned to let go of material possessions, there are still difficult decisions to be made.  When we sell our house, either we’ll be buying another house or we will have to move to a short-term rental.  If we move into a rental, decisions will have to be made regarding which furniture will be stored and which furniture will be sold or donated.  I feel like it will be hard to determine what furniture will fit into our new house without knowing what the new house will look like.

So far, I’m most sad about having to paint over my lovely red kitchen.  But the real estate agent says a more neutral color will sell the house quicker.

Movie Recommendation: Prisoners (Rated R)

Recipe Shares: Almond Milk Pancakes, Thai Pineapple Fried Rice, Amaretto Cupcakes


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