Tackling the Spackling

We are preparing for our first home renovation.  We’ve had windows replaced, our chimney re-lined and have gotten a new water heater.  However, this is the first time something will be done to our house that is going to take more than 2 days, puts us out of 2 rooms and cause us to lock the dog and cat in a room together while we are at work and there are strangers at our house.

The first project is a repair that will take place in what we call the cat room or the utility room.  It’s a small room behind our laundry room that used to be the laundry room before a previous owner did some renovations of their own.  It holds our water heater, the litter boxes, vacuum cleaner and some other random things.  It’s basically a storage room.  In order to make it look more attractive, we are having the 2 layers of carpet ripped up and a linoleum floor put down.

The second project is a master bathroom renovation.  I’ve dreamed about renovating this bathroom previously, but since we decided that we’d like to move sooner than we originally planned, we haven’t done anything to it except some painting.  There is no guarantee that we will get all of our money back when we sell the house, but again we think it’ll make the house sell faster considering the cabinets are original, the tile is ugly and the vanity top is tiled.  Since we won’t be in the house for much longer, I’m not really renovating the bathroom that way I would like it.  We’re trying to make it so that it appeals to the general population.  I’m going to try to reuse as many of the accessories (faucet, toilet flusher, shower head, mirror, scones) as possible in order to avoid buying new ones. I’ll be doing all the painting as well to avoid the cost of professional painters.

My current project in the utility room is spackling.  Not only are there 100 holes in the wall from the previous owner using the room as an office, but there are cracks in the drywall that I know won’t go away when I start to paint.  I watched a Youtube video on how to fix cracks in drywall, so hopefully it works.

Makes me wish I had more before and after photos of some of the things we’ve done to the house!


(originally posted on bottlesofhamburgers.wordpress.com on 9/8/14)

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