Small space, Big living

I’ve discovered a new show.  Mainly in part due to following Rowdy Kittens.  The show is called Tiny House Nation.  Each hour episode tells the story of a person/couple/family and their reasons for and experience with designing and building a home that is 500 square feet or less.  They have to downsize all their possessions and figure out how to make the space functional for every aspect of living.  Most of the episodes that I’ve seen have been houses 300 square feet or less.   I think James is afraid that I’m going to ask him to live in a tiny house.  Which is not the case!

Door in Savannah, GA

Door in Savannah, GA

I think what I like most about the show is that the main builder creates multi-functional furniture pieces.  Like a Murphy bed that is also a love seat or a guest bed that is also an office desk.  I’d be interested to see these in person to see how sturdy they are.  It’s the ultimate anti-McMansion show.  It makes watching some of the other house renovation shows intolerable when the people complain about the houses not being big enough, not having enough counter space and not having a huge walk-in closet.

James and I are hoping to sell our house and buy another house closer to uptown Charlotte, ideally within the next year.  While searching on the internet for what is available, we are keeping in mind the size of the house.  Nowadays I think many people our age want a bigger house.  We are aiming for a house the size we already have and may even buy a slightly smaller house and do some renovations to make the house just how we want it.

Ideas behind buying a house closer to uptown include 1) getting rid of a car and having James walk or take public transportation to work = one less car payment per month, 2) to be closer to green spaces/parks and have a smaller yard = less yard work, 3) smaller house = less house work = more time do to more fun stuff and 4) being closer to the restaurants we love.  Having a green mentality, living in a more walk-able neighborhood fits into our values more than our current neighborhood.  The obvious downside of buying closer to uptown is higher taxes, but I’m hoping that the lifestyle change will offset the taxes.


(originally posted on on 9/21/14)

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