Minimalizing my wardrobe

Turn all your hangers around. When you hang the piece back up, flip the hanger around signifying that this is a piece that you will keep.

Shortly after I first started practicing minimalism, I went through my whole wardrobe and started asking myself:

  • How often do I wear this?
  • Is this one of my favorite, most versatile pieces?
  • Does this fit me?
  • Do I like the way I look in this?


Many pieces of clothing went into the donation pile immediately, particularly those that I haven’t worn in over 2 years.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember the last time I wore something.  Many times I put on something thinking I’m going to wear it out and then last minute switch it to something I wear all the time.  Why do I have all these clothes that I never wear?  Minimalists will tell you that we are exposed to too many advertisements that make us want to buy lots of things we don’t need.  I think the fashion industry does a great job of this.  I’ve cancelled all of the catalogs that I used to get and unsubscribed to all of the emails for stores at which I love to shop.  In doing so, I waste less paper by not receiving the catalogs,  I spend less time shopping the internet for things I don’t need and I spend less money on items I don’t wear.  In turn, I have more time to do things that interest me (more time to blog!), I have more room in my closet and drawers to find the pieces I do want to wear and I can afford more experiences (movies, concerts, meals out with friends).

About 3 weeks ago I started a new project to pare down my wardrobe even more.  I’ve turned all the hangers that hold my tops so they face backwards.  I’m not going to give myself a time limit on how long I will do this.  I know myself well enough to know when to stop.  I figure I have to at least get through the winter since there are at least 5 work shirts that I will wear when it gets colder.  Depending on your willpower, you might want to set a time limit for yourself and mark it on a calendar before you turn your hangers around.  You can also make yourself accountable by having your spouse, a good friend or family member check in on your progress and tell you when it’s time to get rid of all those unworn pieces.


(originally posted on on 9/6/14)

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