Adventures in Charlotte

VW Show, May 2012

Another reason I started this blog was to share happenings in Charlotte.  My hope is to let people in Charlotte know what’s fun to do and give people that might come visit an idea of what to do besides what’s listed on sponsored websites.  While I do believe that you can find great things to do by searching the internet, I think we can all agree that a local can give you recommendations for things that you wouldn’t ordinarily experience.  I think writing about Charlotte will also hold me accountable for getting out and trying new things that I’ve been putting off for the last 5 years.

On Saturday, we went to the 10th Annual Potters Market Invitational on the front lawn of the Mint Museum on Randolph Road.  This was free to attend, and there were some gorgeous pieces of pottery there.  There were so many different types of pottery, and I’m amazed at the creativity.  The cheapest piece I saw was $26 for a mug, and the most expensive that I saw was $7500 for a vase that stood approximately 4 feet tall.  It reminded me that we still haven’t made a trip to Seagrove, NC which is famous for its pottery.  I’ve been told that there are potters in Seagrove who actually dig their own clay out of the ground.  North Carolina is known for its thick red clay soil.

On Saturday evening, we ate at a locally owned Polish restaurant in Matthews, Taste of Europe.  They make 6 different type of pierogies.  Between the two of us, we tasted five of them.  If you go, we recommend the traditional potato and cheddar, the Russian, the meat and the spinach pierogies.  We also recommend the blueberry preserve and the nutella dessert crepes.  They don’t have a full bar, but offer a handful of Polish beers and basic red and white wines.

A few weeks ago, we went stand-up paddle boarding at the U.S. Whitewater Center.  This was what I asked for for my birthday this year.  We had been hiking, rock wall climbing and whitewater rafting at the center, but hadn’t tried the flat water activities yet.  It was awesome.  I almost fell off twice and was surprised at how much ankle and foot strength and balance you need to stay on the board.  That afternoon we decided that next year we want to get a year membership so that we can go more often.  Maybe I can get good enough that I can try the stand-up paddle boarding yoga class!


(originally posted on on 9/7/14)

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